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"ChordWizard is much faster and more intuitive than using books or cheat sheets to master and learn chord structure."

Music Connection Magazine

"As either a handy chord reference system or a way of getting a little more technical about your songwriting, ChordWizard is an absolute bargain and well worth downloading."

Sound On Sound Magazine

"... this program comes to the rescue ... [it] helps improvisers find new inspiration among old chord changes by converting chords into scales and building scales based on chords."

Recording Magazine

"The fact that this program covers so many instruments in so many tunings makes it a must-have for any guitarist. I have never seen a resource that covers so completely the melodic and chordal options available to a guitarist, and that is a pretty good reason to own this software."

Australian Guitar Magazine

ChordWizard® Silver 2.5

ChordWizard® Silver 2.5

the essential starter kit for guitar
and other fretted string instruments

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ChordWizard Silver Edition 2.5

Start your musical journey with ChordWizard Silver Edition, the interactive guide that lets you explore music on the fretboard without getting lost.

Whether you want to find chords to play with your favorite songs, learn where notes are on the fretboard or practise scales, ChordWizard gives you the tools you need to get where you're going.

The music theory lessons will give you a good briefing on the basics of music - notes, chords and scales.

Then you are ready to set off and see how they work on your fretboard with real activities like rhythm and lead playing and songwriting.

With over 115 fretted instruments and tunings (including Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele) and catering for both left and right handed players, ChordWizard Silver Edition is a flexible and essential resource for the beginner.

Finding Chords

Finding Chords

You can find out how to play chords on your instrument with a single click of a mouse.  Hear and compare the sounds of chordshapes from the supplied libraries.

The notes in each chordshape are displayed so you can understand why it makes the sound of the chord you are looking for.

Each chordshape is labelled with standard tablature notation, making it easy for you to remember them and share them with friends.

You can easily create your own libraries with ChordWizard Silver Edition for any instrument or tuning, by having it scan the entire fretboard for the easiest possible chordshapes.

Learning Note Positions

Learning Note Positions

The building blocks of all chords and scales on your instruments are notes, so it's very important to learn where notes are located on your fretboard.

ChordWizard Silver Edition gives you a colorful interactive display of note positions for all chords and scales on the fretboard.  Each note is labelled with a different color, so you can quickly see how they repeat across the strings.

You can also use guided interactive practise sessions to explore how scales are played in different positions across the whole fretboard.  You can choose your own options for speed, rhythms and note patterns, to make your practise as easy or challenging as you like.

Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

With you on every step of your musical journey is the comprehensive suite of How Music Works tutorials, which explains music in clear, simple language you can relate to.

Packed with over 118 topics, and illustrated with 350 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds, How Music Work is very approachable for beginners.

No prior musical knowledge is assumed.  The lessons start with the very basics of sound and music, and progress through to introduce the concepts of octaves and notes, chords and scales, and how they all interact with each other in different musical styles.

How Music Works provides a pathway you can follow as you learn about notes, chords, scales and rhythm, and how to put these elements together to produce great music.

You will learn how to use all of the musical concepts in practical ways with your own accompaniment, improvisation and songwriting activities.

Reading Staff Notation

Scale Staff Chordshape Staff

You can understand a great deal about music using ChordWizard Silver Edition without needing to know staff notation.

But if you want to learn to read music, you can easily find out how chordshapes, chords and scales appear on staff lines, and hear their sounds as you are looking at them.

Each line is labelled to help you remember the notes for both the bass and treble clef.

Printing Reports

Printing Reports

With integrated reporting facilities, ChordWizard Silver Edition can produce high quality full-color printed output to capture whatever results you have found in the workspace.

Turn your chordshape libraries into press-ready Chord Books with advanced features like binding margins, tables of contents and many other options.

Print Relations reports for guidance with songwriting and improvisation away from the computer.

Print Scale Charts to help you learn notes and positions for any scale, with multi-color note labels the same as they appear on the screen.

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