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How Music Works
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How Music Works

How Music Works is a comprehensive suite of multimedia tutorials which explain music in clear, simple language you can relate to.

Packed with 115 topics in nine tutorials, and illustrated with 360 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds, the tutorials start with the very basics of music and advance to topics which are valuable even for professional musicians.

Whatever musical instrument or style you are interested in, these tutorials will be an essential source of information and guidance for years to come.

The How Music Works tutorials are available online at but these tutorials are not printable and do not have the sounds.

To get the full benefit of the tutorials, the ChordWizard Music Theory software is highly recommended.

Tutorial Description
 1. Sound and Music Clearly there is a difference between musical sounds and non-musical sounds. We begin by exploring the relationship between sound and music, to lay the musical foundations that the other tutorials build on. View
 2. The Major Scale There are many different types of scales, and we look at all of them in detail throughout these tutorials. To begin with, we meet the most important scale in western music, the Major scale. View
 3. Chords and Harmony Playing more than one note at the same time is called harmony. Harmonies of three or more notes are called chords and they provide the background mood of a piece of music. View
 4. Scales and Melody There are many different scale types, their different sets of intervals determine the flavour of a melody and can be used as a framework for improvisation. View
 5. Meter and Rhythm Music is based on the passing of time, here we meet the concepts of musical rhythm and timing, and the staff notation symbols that are used to represent them. View
 6. Chord/Scale Relations There is a rich web of relationships between chords and scales, and understanding how to use them can help enromously with improvisation and songwriting. View
 7. Playing with Chords Building on our earlier introduction to how chords are constructed, this tutorial covers the practical issues that arise when we play chords in a real musical setting. View
 8. Playing with Scales Scales are the foundations of improvisation, and when you are fluent with using them, you will be able to communicate in the language of music with great freedom. View
 9. Writing Songs This tutorial looks at several aspects of composition, and the tools that music theory offers you to make the creative process richer and easier. View


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